Dr. Rinaldo L. Perri is a psychologist and cognitive psychotherapist who holds a PhD in Behavioural Neuroscience. He works as a researcher of Neuropsychology at University Niccolò Cusano of Rome, where is the head of a cognitive neuroscience lab specializing in hypnosis research. He published dozens of international papers in the field of decision-making, perception and hypnosis.Dr. Perri received national and international grants for his research activity on the psychophysiology of hypnosis. In particular, he investigated the neural activity and the cognitive mechanisms associated to specific hypnotic suggestions for the modulation of sensory and cognitive processes. He is currently leading an innovative research project that aims to boost the hypnotizability through the non-invasive electrical brain stimulation:his lab was the first to document alterations of hypnotic phenomena with this cutting-edge technology. As a psychotherapist, Dr. Perri uses hypnotic interventions in the treatment of emotional, addiction and behavioral disorders.

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