Randi Abrahamsen
ESH Second Vice President
Danish Society of Clinical Hypnosis (DSCH)

Dentist, PhD Randi Abrahamsen, Aalborg, Denmark
Second Vice President of the European Hypnosis Society.
DDS 1982 Dental School, University of Aarhus, Denmark,
PhD 2009 Dental School University of Aarhus, Denmark
1997-2017 Board Member of the Danish Society of Clinical Hypnosis, served two years as Editor, two years as President.
Professional career:
Experienced Dentist in the Community Dental Service; teaching and lecturing in the Section of Orofacial Pain and Jaw function at the Dental School, Aarhus University. During this period I was involved with orofacial pain research and a private hypnosis pain clinic, which I now manage. I am a Consultant in orofacial pain and a Lecturer giving workshops for Dentists and dental staff.
Hypnotic functions:
Hypnosis has always been a part of my professional career. I used hypnosis mainly for odontofobic patients, later with orofacial pain; I now use hypnosis for various pain conditions. My PhD/research was entitled: “Effect of Hypnosis on Persistent Orofacial Pain.”
I have attended numerous ESH, ISH and international pain congresses with posters and presentations. For several years I have taught, trained and supervised in the Danish Society of Clinical Hypnosis. Furthermore I developed a special course and trained nurses for a hypnosis research project at the Cardiac Department at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen (the leading hospital in Denmark). I support PhD hypnosis research students and try to spread knowledge of hypnosis in a professional context in dental community services, dental organisations and at the university. I give lecture in patients´ organisations and I have been lucky to be able to promote hypnosis on Danish National Television.

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