As a general practitioner installed in the 1980s, I quickly realized a lack in the training received during
my medical studies. After much research I had the chance to discover systemic therapies such as the
Palo Alto approach, the solution-oriented approach and hypnosis.
It was a Copernican revolution in my practice. Since then I have never stopped training and learning. I
joined Afhyp, the French hypnosis association, very early on, then the CFHTB and the ESH. Each of
these associations has done me the honor over the years of electing me to their presidency, a task that I
have fulfilled with great passion. To give back to others what we have received, to allow younger
people to discover what we have discovered, to strengthen knowledge in the field of hypnosis,
promote its credibility through studies, quality research, to promote its dissemination and in particular
during the initial training of health professionals are goals still to be pursued.
Auguste Comte said, We only know a science well when we know its history, I developed a passion for
the history of hypnosis and for the giants who preceded us and allowed us to be where we are today.
I started a conversation with the greatest in the world of hypnosis in the recent years, through
interviews published in the Revue Hypnose et Thérapies Brèves, then with those who are now history
in a book that is published, for the moment only in French, and which took the form of an
encyclopedic dictionary, Dictionnaire encyclopédique d’hypnose.(Anfortas Ed.)
In this book are discussed the classic themes of hypnosis, but also the spread of hypnosis in many
countries such as China, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Italy, and of course in the English-speaking
countries, to quote only those.
Also discussed are the major impact, often overlooked, of hypnosis on literature, cinema, theater
religion, free-masonry, spiritism and many other cultural fields.
In my daily practice, as a general practitioner, I have to deal with many situations where are associated
to varying degrees, stress, anxiety, depression, lack of self-confidence and many other pathologies for
which conventional medicine is often in difficulty and where hypnosis and brief therapies are of major
Finally, I have had the great honor and pleasure since my beginnings to have the chance to carry out
numerous training courses, initiation or more advanced with great happiness each time.
Nothing is more exciting than being in contact with “young” neophytes discovering hypnosis, whether
conversational, Ericksonian or traditional

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