Welcome to ESH 2023


Gala Dinner & Dance 95€

28 October Saturday, 2023 20:00-24:00

Please note that the Gala Dinner and Dance are available at an additional cost.

Flavors on the Table

Pistachio Pistachio Salad
Garlic Strained Yogurt and Mint Combination “Haydari” Ezine Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Smoked Cheese, Russian salad, Vine leaf wrap with olive oil, Circassian Chicken, Eggplant Salad with Tahini, Norwegian Smoked Salmon. Tomato Cucumber Lemon


Baked Italian Pastry with Seasonal Fresh Vegetables and Porcini Mushrooms,
With fresh basil tomato sauce

Mediterranean salad
Arugula flavored with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lemon, Iceberg Lettuce, Lamb’s Ear, Endive
Lolorosso leaves, Dried Tomato Slices, Crunchy Bread Pieces. With Fried Onion Slices and Grated Feta Cheese

Coal-Fired Beef Medallion
Porcini Mushroom Risotto, Roasted Eggplant Puree and Veal Medallion accompanied by Bordelez sous

Turkish Dessert Plate
With Cinnamon Strained Yoghurt Sauce and Maras Ice Cream

Eh-li Keyf (Spreading)
Garlic Strained Yogurt and Mint Combination “Haydari”, Pistachio Pistachio Paste Salad, Broad Bean
Fava with Gum Gum, Cheddar Cheese with Thyme, Ezine Cheese, Tulum Cheese, Shrimp Salad,
Sakshuka, Cabbage Wrap with Olive Oil, Tomatoes, Cucumber Cucumber

Hot Appetizer Plate
Albanian Liver with Sumac Onion
Mitide Meatballs with Thyme and Butter
Muska Pastry Wrapped with Cheese and Bacon
With Strained Yogurt Sauce and Mild Hot Tomato Sauce

Arugula salad
With Crispy Arugula Leaves, Cherry Tomatoes, Kars Gruyere Cheese, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and
Pomegranate Sour Sauce and Walnut Kernels

Lamb tandoori
Wood-Fired Lamb Tandoori, Stuffed Rice Flavored with Pistachio and Currants, Served with Grilled
Tomatoes, Green Pepper and Fresh Thyme Sauce

Pistachio butter kadayif dessert with the local style of our Hatay region
with buffalo cream

Smoked Trout, Homemade Smoked Turkey, Roasted Eggplant Salad, Stuffed Leaf, Russian Salad,
Tartalette Carrot Tarator, Fresh Cheddar Cheese, Tomato Cold Cuts, Cucumber Cold Cuts, Lemon
Cold Cuts

Chip Pastry
Pastry Prepared with Roasted Mersin Style Lamb Meat Pieces, Roasted Eggplant Slices, Slightly Hot
Tomato Sauce and Strained Yogurt

Mediterranean salad
Arugula flavored with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Lemon, Iceberg Lettuce, Cress, Endivien, Lolorosso
leaves, Cherry Tomatoes, Grilled Artichoke Heart, Grain Corn, Crispy Bread Pieces and Grilled
Halloumi Cheese

Chicken Kievski
Breaded Chicken Breast Stuffed with Spicy and Garlic Butter, Creamy Potatoes Prepared with Fresh
Spices and Mascarpone Cheese, Emulsion Prepared with Fresh Spinach, Served with Broccoli and
Lime Lemon Sauce

Maras Ice Cream with Green Pistachio, Fresh Mint Leaves and Chocolate Sauce

Smoked Trout with Horseradish Sauce, Smoked Salmon, Rosbeef Wrapped with Asparagus, Roasted
Eggplant Salad, Circassian Chicken, Stuffed Leaf, Russian Salad, Ezine Cheese, Cheddar Cheese,
Tomato Cold Cuts, Cucumber Cold Cuts

Minced Meat Crep Covered with Pancu
Ground Beef, Peas and Vegetable Combination and Breaded “Hunter Pastry” Wrapped in Flaked
Dough, Spicy Concassea Tomato Sauce Flavored with Fresh Basil Leaves and Strained Yogurt Sauce

Tuna Salad
Cherry tomato ,Baby Corn, iceberg. Quail Eggs, Tuna Pieces, Spicy Croton Bread and Lemon Sauce
with Extra Virgin Olives

Baked Beef Entrecote Slices Flavored with Fresh Mediterranean Spices, Accompanied by Morel
Mushroom Demi Glace Sauce, Porcini Mushroom Risotto and Vegetable Bouquet

Pumpkin Dessert
with Tahini sauce and walnut kernels, baked pumpkin

Eggplant Salad, Tomato Cucumber, Cucumber ,
Smoked Salmon, Smoked Trout, Feta Cheese, Hummus,
Leaf Wrap with Strained Yogurt Sauce, Pistachio Paste, Cheddar Cheese, Smoked Beef with Thyme

2×2 “Ravioli”
With cream sauce prepared with Gorgonzola and Ricotta cheeses,
Two Different Stuffed Ravioli with Spinach and Chicken “Ravioli”

Mixed Mediterranean Greens, Dried Tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts, Netted Olives, Roasted Pistachios,
Baby Corn, Grated Parmesan Cheese and Olive Oil with Lemon Sauce

Grilled Salmon
with Celery Puree, Fresh Spinach Leaves, Butter Parisienne Vegetable Skewers, Portuguese Paella
with Seafood and Gum Gum Cream Sauce

Penne Al Forno
Classic Italian Dessert Prepared with Caramel, Raspberry Sauce, Mint Emulsion, And Chocolate