Ernil Hansen is Professor of Anaesthesiology at the University Hospital of Regensburg, Germany, with doctor degrees in Biochemistry (PhD) and Medicine (MD). He is an active member and in the scientific board of the MEG (German Milton-Erickson-Society of Clinical Hypnosis).2022 he received the MEG honorary award. His main fields of scientific interest are hypnosis-based therapeutic communication, the integration of hypnosis into clinical medicine and medical education, placebo/nocebo and suggestion research, a less traumatic informed consent, trance state monitoring, and awake-craniotomy (brain surgery) without medication. He teaches students, nurses and doctors in communication skills (“Words like Medicine”). His latest researchcentred around the measurement of suggestion effects by dynamometry that allowed objective evaluation of verbal and non-verbal suggestions from clinical everyday life. The use of a uniform parameter allows comparison of the effects, generation and evaluation of alternative formulations, and eventually evidence based improvement of therapeutic communication. Moreover, in a multicentre study, published in BMJ, he showed that patients respond to hypnotic communicationeven under general anaesthesia with reduced postoperative pain, nausea, and demand for analgesics and anti-emetics, stimulating communication with the unconscious.
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