Consuelo C. Casula, Italy
ESH Immediate Past President
Consuelo C. Casula is a graduate in Philosophy, specialized in Psychology and in Clinical Hypnosis. She has a private practice in Milan, Italy, dealing mostly with conflict management, anxiety, depression, phobia, stress, women’s development, bereavement and mourning.
Her involvement in hypnosis led her to serve, from 2006 to 2021 the Italian Society of Hypnosis as a Board member; the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH) as Secretary/Treasurer from 2009 to 2011, and as a board member to 2016. She is now member of the ISH Committee on Education and Training (CET). She also served the European Society of Hypnosis (ESH) from 2008, where she is now the immediate Past-President.
She enjoys sharing her knowledge whether in conferences, trainings or writing. She teaches hypnosis at the ScuolaItaliana di Ipnosi e PsicoterapiaEricksoniana and at several other Italian and International schools of psychotherapy and clinical hypnosis. She travels nationally and internationally as an invited speaker to lecture and give workshops at ESH, ISH, and Milton Erickson Foundation congresses. Frequent destinations, for example, are Mexico, Brazil, and China. In her practice she integrates clinical hypnosis with pragmatic, systemic and strategic approaches, combined with positive psychology and Mindfulness.

She has published several articles as well as books on communication skills, leading groups, metaphors, women’s development, resilience, hypnotic strategies, and meditation. The book on metaphors has been translated into five languages. The one on resilience into French.

She received the 2022 ISH Pierre Janet Award for Clinical Excellence for “Yourclinical excellence and lifetime of published clinical experience has advanced our understanding of the uses of hypnosis in obtaining effective results”; the 2016 IV International Award “Franco Granone” from the Franco Granone – Centro ItalianoIpnosiClinica e sperimentale (CIICS) for “her contribution in the field of hypnosis in Italy”; and the 2012 AssociazioneItalianaFormatori Award for “helping to develop, disseminate and generate training”.

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