Biography – Anna Knakkergaard

Anna Knakkergaard (1980) is a Danish medical doctoroffering hypnotherapy to mainly children and adolescence.She is the mother of five children and is deeply engaged in her family life.

Anna graduated from the University of Aarhus in Denmark in 2011 and has since then primarily had employment in the pediatric ward, in child and adolescent psychiatry and in municipal care.

Since 2014 she has been working with hypnotherapy from her own private clinic next to the job as a doctor in the hospital. In 2022 she decided to work only in her own private business.
Besides offering individualised therapy to children and their families, Anna Knakkergaard educates other healthcare professionals in using clinical hypnotherapy.

Annas experience with the increasing need of people seeking therapyhas driven her into developing andtrying out other kinds of hypnotherapy to be able to help more.

Anna has incorporated hypnotherapeutic techniques into children’s books and apps helping
children with sleep problems.
Furthermore, she has developed a treatment app with hypnosis for women and couples fighting fertility problems as well as supporting a better pregnancy and the challenges of childbirth.
Her latest project is the development of a web-based treatment offer to children, adolescent and their families.

In her eagerness to spread the knowledge of clinical hypnosis, Anna has visited various podcasts and has been interviewed for both television and Danish newspapers.
She has been invited to several meetings and conferences to give lectureson the subject of hypnosis.

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HypnoBaby, App Store and Google Play, Danish

Children’s book:
Knakkergaard A and Dam J. “Jungle Dreams – Bedtime stories based on calming hypnosis techniques”, Jungledrømme, 2021, Danish

Children’s book:
Knakkergaard A and Dam J. “The Dream Catcher – A calming bedtime story for the Dream Jungle”, Jungledrømme, 2021, Danish

Dream Jungle, App Store and Google Play, Danish

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