Hypnosis Food for Body and Mind an Integrated Approach to Healing

October 26 – 29,  2023


Sueno Hotel Beach Side

Call for Abstracts

Dear Colleagues,
You are invited to submit an abstract for presentation at the ESH 2023 Antalya Congress.All types of presentations, from clinical case studies, clinical research, theoretical papers and experimental hypnosis research are welcome. 
The topic of the Congress is “Hypnosis Food for Body and Mind: an Integrated Approach to Healing”. During the Congress we will try to elaborate how the mind, body, and soul can constitute a unique wholeness, and how they can interact and connect with each other. It can be said that the healthier the balance among the mind, body, and soul, the healthier the person is.  So, we would like to discuss together the use of hypnosis to achieve this balance by using an integrative approach in Medicine, Dentistry and Psychology.

Abstract Submission Rules 

Papers will be presented orally or in poster form at the 16th European Congress of Hypnosis. 

While submitting the paper, the presentation preference of the authors (oral or poster) and the sub-field of expertise of the study should be stated. The Papers Committee has the right to accept or reject the paper, depending on the content of the study and the number of applications, and if it accepts, it has the right to change the form of presentation and sub-field of expertise.

Papers accepted as posters will be submitted electronically in accordance with the requirements of the age. If the papers that are scientifically, technically and visually sufficient are accepted as oral presentations, they will be presented by the speaker in the hall, and if they are accepted as posters, they will be presented in stands to be set up in the poster area. 

The conditions to be sought for the submitted papers to be accepted as presentations are as follows: 

If the study has been presented anywhere before, the details of the congress in which it was presented should be stated below the abstract, and if it was published as an article, the identifier of the published journal should be stated separately 

The abstract should not exceed 400 words.

The title of the paper should be no more than 10 words and should fully reflect the content of the study. 

The name, surname, title, institution and city of the authors of the paper should be clearly stated together with the title. 

However, other than that, there should not be any sentence in the abstract to introduce the institution or researchers.

Among the researchers who prepared the paper, the researcher who will make the presentation should be specified. As a general practice, senior assistants or new colleagues (less than 5 years) are expected to present their work as first author. However, it is preferred to have a senior expert and/or lecturer and/or academic member related to the study in addition to the researcher making the oral presentation.

Studies that received any project support or other research support should be indicated.

Any financial affiliation of the researchers (if any) should be disclosed.


1. Oral Presentation

Normally allocated between 20 and 40 minutes. Both published and unpublished work will be considered.

2. Workshop/ Clinical Demonstration

It may be allocated between 1 and 3 hours. Practical teaching or clinical demonstrations fitting the themes of the congress are welcomed. 

3. Short Clinical Demonstration

It will be allocated between 10 and 15 minutes. Practical teaching, case studies or clinical demonstrations fitting the themes of the congress are welcomed. Short Clinical Demonstrations will be grouped according to the congress themes.) 

4.  Panel Discussion

This will involve a panel of presenters on one topic followed by a general discussion. You will be contacted at a later date for the contact details of all presenters.) 

5. Poster

This is a great way to display research, case studies and even techniques. These are welcomed from those in early stages of their careers, as well as from more established practitioners. More information for poster preparation and poster format will be announced later.)

•    Acknowledgement of receipt of submission will be sent to the email address provided by you. If you do not receive a confirmation within 48 hours, please contact us at

•    Only registered (licensed) professionals in the field of Medicine, Dentistry or Psychology can submit abstracts. Submissions received from other categories will automatically be rejected.

•    Consent for publication of patients’ data (abstracts with identifiable patient information): To publish an abstract containing information identifying patients, patients must have given their consent for the research to be published. For all abstracts including patient details (e.g. gender, age, illness, location) or images, written informed consent must be obtained from the patients (or their parent or legal representative) and authors must state they have informed consent for all of the patients mentioned at the end of the abstract text.

•   If the study has been supported by a grant, source of funding should be indicated at the bottom of your abstract.

•   References (if any) should be numbered according to the order of appearance in the abstract.

•   Abstracts will be assessed by a panel of expert reviewers and accepted at the discretion of the Scientific Committee. You will be notified of acceptance or rejection.

•   Final submission deadline: April 21, 2023 (Extensions can be considered especially for research studies, please contact us at if you need more time for submitting your abstract.)

•   Please note that submitting the “2023 ESH Abstract Submission Form” is not equivalent to registering for the Congress. Registration should be made at web site and authors of accepted abstracts pay for the congress.

•   All the information about privacy policy is available on our website